A Model of Prayer

Posted By kitengb on Jan 22, 2017

Week 3

The Lord Jesus demonstrated that our prayers should be addressed to the Heavenly Father. He must be the focus of all our prayers.

 Adoration (V.9) it is a great privilege to kneel down on earth and reach almighty God in heaven.  We reach Him in our adoration as we acknowledge how great He is. Paying Him the honor that is due to Him who holds all things in the palm of his hands.

Father you are great and greatly to be praised, for there is none like you. From a pure heart such prayer is a perfect adoration.

Submitting to His Will (V.10) we should pray and desire to align ourselves with the purpose of God for our lives. We are to pray that the will of God be revealed to us that we may become all what He wants us to become on earth as in it is in Heaven.

Praying to know the will of God for those we love and care about; spouse, children, parents, friends and coworkers, that none will be stumbling in life without purpose.

Petitioning for our Needs (V.11) Yes God knows everything about you and I, He knows our needs and wants, but like a good father, He makes sure that we are aware of those needs so that when He provides for us we will not take His goodness for granted, which we do times to times. Our daily bread is a combination of all what is needed on a daily basis to name a few; food, shelter, health, wisdom, guidance, protection and favor throughout the day. As children of God we need all the above, we should not adventure in life; homeless without necessities like orphans. God our Father told us to ask, seek and knock, with assurance that we will get what we ask for, find what seek for and have doors of opportunities open to us.

Confessing our sins (V.12) Our sins don’t keep God from being God and good, they don’t affect our relationship with the Father, they affect and hinder our fellowship with our loving Father. We lose the communication then comes the accuser of our brethren, point out our sins one by one, with great anger and hatred then we are separated from God our Father. Confessing our sins is acknowledging our wrongdoing, repenting is the fact of turning away from the wrong doing and committing to not do the same thing again. It is then that we claim the benefits of the work of Christ at the cross to repair our fellowship and the grace to overcome the temptations. What a privilege!

Deliverance from Evil (V.13) the Word of God tells us that we have an adversary, an enemy who seeks to destroy us. 1 Peter 5:8 he roars like a lion. Is there any animal in the forest feared like a lion? Why that? Because of his strength and tactics in hunting his prey. So is the Evil one; Satan. We can’t dodge his arrows and escape his traps in our own strength and wisdom we surely need our Father’s protection through Jesus our great sacrifice. Then we have the victory.

The Lord Jesus ended the prayer where He began — with praise to the Father for the kingdom, power, and glory (V13). Oooh! What a beautiful way to touch the heart of God.

It is my prayer that after this introduction to how to pray using the model that the Lord gave to us, a desire to fellowship with Him will burn unquenchably in your heart then you will join me on this journey to experiment what prayer is and what it can accomplish.

Oh! My Lord, as the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for you, just enough to keep me wanting more of you, I pray.