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A Model of Prayer

Posted By on Jan 22, 2017

Week 3 The Lord Jesus demonstrated that our prayers should be addressed to the Heavenly Father. He must be the focus of all our prayers.  Adoration (V.9) it is a great privilege to kneel down on earth and reach almighty God in heaven.  We reach Him in our adoration as we acknowledge how great He is. Paying Him the honor that is due to Him who holds all things in the palm of his hands. Father you are great and greatly to be praised,...

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Teach Us To Pray

Posted By on Jan 15, 2017

Week 2 The disciple seeing how the Lord Jesus devoted His life to prayer could have just wished to become like Him, but they were in same predicaments as many of us. How to pray? Why to pray? Does prayer really works? These questions flood our mind because we don’t know the character of the person to whom we address our prayers. The Lord knowing that, he responded to the disciples request; Teach us to pray When you pray say: Our...

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What Is Prayer?

Posted By on Jan 8, 2017

Week 1 Prayer is the most elusive and misunderstood practice of religious belief. Understanding prayer has always been the desire of my heart. In my small way, I will try to define what prayer is and how it became beneficial to me on my journey seeking to know the will of God for my life. Prayer is giving God the legal right and permission to interfere in a situation. It is exercising our legal authority to invoke God’s help in...

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Introduction: Happy New Year!

Posted By on Jan 1, 2017

Introduction Happy New Year to friends, families and all my followers. I hope that as you act upon your New Year’s resolutions you will acknowledge that yesterday is gone, and that today is a new day. I am convinced that renewing our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is a must and personal revival is a great need in our lives. I encourage you to have it on your New Year’s resolutions board. This year God wants to...

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