Introduction: Happy New Year!

Posted By kitengb on Jan 1, 2017


Happy New Year to friends, families and all my followers.

I hope that as you act upon your New Year’s resolutions you will acknowledge that yesterday is gone, and that today is a new day.

I am convinced that renewing our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is a must and personal revival is a great need in our lives. I encourage you to have it on your New Year’s resolutions board. This year God wants to renew, and revive some areas of our lives while strengthening some other areas where strength is needed. He will also remove those things that kept us from becoming the person He intended us to be.

Nothing can bring the needed renewal in one’s life but prayer.

The extremely needed revival can not breakthrough without a channel called prayer. Nothing can lay a foundation for revival but a fervent prayer.

Throughout this devotional, I will be seeking the Holy Spirit to take us into the experience of prayer and I hope that in this way, He will help me define the steps to take as we journey together.

We will have a weekly devotional which will give us time to deeply seek understanding of the Word of God as the Holy Spirit will lead us. We will take one step at time. It will be an amazing experience.

I am very excited to see what He will do when our cry for renewal and revival will get His attention.

Oh! How I hope that the desire to seek the Lord burns in your heart as it burns in mine! Then we can in one accord cry out like this psalmist ” Will you not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? Show us Your mercy, LORD and grant us your Salvation”.

Psalm 85:6-7.
Lord help us.
Brigitte Kitenge
African Global Mission