Week 4: Why to Pray

Posted By kitengb on Jan 30, 2017

Prayer is the most elusive and misunderstood practice that raises questions and discussions among people from different religious backgrounds. One of the questions asked about prayer is: since God knows all things why do we then have to pray?

It is possible to feel emotional drained, empty as if life is hanging on a string. Steps ahead look uncertain and things go from bad to worst. How could prayer help such a situation?


  • Prayer unites the heart and the mind. It readjusts the focus and the intentions behind what we are praying for.
  • Prayer causes us to look to a source of help that will never fail us. When we have found the source of our help in Christ and His ability to challenge what challenge us, then we have peace in our hearts.
  • Prayer open our eyes to witness God’s intervening in our situations.
  • Prayer is the channel by which we communicate with our Father.

So my dear, when things go wrong and your heart wonders, why to pray? It is an indication that you have reached the end of yourself! If I were you I would rise up my hands in an attitude of surrender giving up my inability to the Most High God praying and watch what He will do. God in His loving kindness knowing our inabilities, He Invited us to put to use this tool to establish communication with Him:


So I say to you, ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be open to you” Luke11: 9-12