Week Six: When what you have is not sufficient

Posted By kitengb on Feb 13, 2017

Where shall we buy the bread that these may eat…

Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not sufficient….

John: 6:1-14



Over this weekend, my heart was moved by great needs or maybe deep material lack that is torturing God’s people. As I ministered to different people I realized that the same struggle is experienced by all, but may be in different areas. One thing in common is that genuine people, those who truly love the Lord are currently experiencing hardship in one area or another. I took it to the Lord with pain in my heart and tears. Then the Word of God in the above scripture made me realize that when God is about to do something good; He starts with a difficulty, when He is about to do something great, He starts with an impossibility. I am saying this while tears are still flowing from my eyes but they are tears of excitement this time! I believe that you and myself are candidates for a miracle today. The disciples were facing an impossibility to feed the 5,000 hungry men with their families, the situation was hopeless. May be you are facing a hopeless situation in your home, your marriage, your job, your friendship maybe it is your health. Ignoring your situation will not change it, confessing that you are well will not change a thing!  The first step toward appropriating God’s strength is to admit your lack, your weakness and your inadequacy and cry out to God for help. I may be teaching myself, but it’s okay I need to read this again and have it on my heart throughout the day. The Word of God tells us time after time that “The children of Israel cried out to God and He heard their cry and….. the Saddest truth I am seeing these days is that not many people are willing to cry out to God for help. So will you join me and cry out to God for help for so much is going on right now and many people prefer to numb the pain, the disappointment, and the lack.  You and can do this together:

Father in the mighty name of Jesus we are bringing you all the impossibilities that are faced by your children today that as you take care of it all they may know that you care and are worthy and your Word it true. Thank you for you will prove your adequacy once again, Amen.